The jazz scene in the UK and Ireland is brighter than ever before, but we need more than great musicians for a thriving scene—we need a great audiences! 

That's why we are asking jazz audeinces, new and old alike, to immerse themselves into the jazz scene. We know it can be intimidating to go to your first jazz gig, and you might be confused about what to wear or when to clap, so we're here to help! And if you're a jazz veteran, bring a newbie along to a gig that you love so they can experience it with you!


 1. Go to your local jazz gig, take a picture, upload it onto social media with the hashtag #jazz100. Make sure to tag the band and venue too!

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3. Check out our "100 Ways to Celebrate Jazz" list and see how many you can do! Take pictures completing the list and upload them to social media, tagged #jazz100.