Jazz is turning 100 in 2017 and to commemorate it, we created a list of ways to #CelebrateJazz. The list includes a wide range of activities that you can do across the United Kingdom and Ireland at gigs or festivals, at home, and just about everywhere in between!

What sounds fun to you? Pick an activity on the list that you can do this month and post a picture or video of your experience on social media using the hashtags #celebratejazz and #jazz100. We’ve given you 100 ways to get started, go out and find the 101st! We can't wait to see what you do!

  1. Scat on the tube
  2. Drive through town with the roof down
  3. Practice your jazz hands
  4. Find your local jazz gig
  5. Use a kazoo to a jazz CD
  6. Pick up an instrument and find your local amateur ensemble
  7. Check into a jazz club
  8. Instagram a jazz musician
  9. Hang out with a jazz musician after their soundcheck (normally around 6pm)
  10. Tweet at a UK jazz festival (they’re super friendly!)
  11. Snapchat a jazz solo
  12. Lie in the bath listening to smooth jazz
  13. Drive through your city at night with some fast bebop
  14. Listen to a jazz radio programme
  15. Find a jazz version of a pop song
  16. Scroll through jazz playlists on Spotify
  17. Check jazz photos in Ronnie Scott’s
  18. Listen to new jazz acts on Soundcloud
  19. Wine and dine your partner to a jazz duo
  20. Hashtag a jazz gig to #jazz100
  21. Read jazz autobiographies in the local library
  22. Buy a jazz DVD
  23. Find which jazz musicians played your favourite 80s pop sax solo
  24. Look up jazz musicians playing with your favourite pop artists
  25. Take a ‘retrogram’ that matches a famous jazz scene
  26. Visit a historic venue
  27. Brush up on your jazz trivia skills
  28. Host a ‘guess the record’ jazz quiz
  29. Find a UK jazz record label
  30. Follow #jazz100 on social media
  31. Visit the National Jazz Archive in Essex
  32. Make a jazz playlist for someone else
  33. Ask your parents or grandparents their jazz memories
  34. Take 3 friends for a surprise jazz night
  35. Go swing dancing or learn how to lindy hop
  36. Find a female jazz musician or artist who inspires you
  37. Spread the love - thank your local gig promoter
  38. Volunteer at your local jazz festival or club
  39. Read the latest gig reviews in Jazzwise Magazine
  40. Check out the #jazz100 festival at Pizza Express
  41. Visit the titan of experimentation Evan Parker at The Vortex Jazz Club
  42. Facebook live part of a jazz gig
  43. Take a ‘jazz selfie’ with a musician
  44. Sing along to Big Band favourites
  45. Check cutting edge artists at the Match&Fuse Festival
  46. Follow the international movements online of a high profile musician across the globe
  47. Create a jazz protest against cuts to the arts
  48. Sign a petition against removing music from the national curriculum
  49. Write your MP about the importance of arts funding and access
  50. Watch Ken Burns documentary ‘Jazz’
  51. See jazz/electronic and other styles fused together at Jazz Re:Freshed
  52. Scroll through the Rare Noise Records Playlist
  53. Check out Tomorrow’s Warriors for the latest cream of the crop
  54. Enroll a student into the Young and Serious programme
  55. See the best European talent at 12 Points Festival
  56. Listen to a record on vinyl
  57. Check out Turnstyle Records in Streatham (on Record Store Day)
  58. Follow the jazz movement helping refugees in Calais
  59. Check out the next generation at the Royal Welsh College of Music
  60. Take a selfie in nature with your instrument
  61. Listen to Jazz FM
  62. Get a Kick Out of Jamie Cullum’s Radio 2 show
  63. Have a jazz pint in Albert Square at the Manchester Jazz Festival
  64. Come to the #jazz100 launch at Cheltenham Jazz Festival
  65. Wander around beautiful Marsden during their jazz festival
  66. Immerse yourself in the jazz programme at Kings Place
  67. Hang with the students in collegic jazz gigs
  68. Support Real Ale and Jazz at The Vortex
  69. Collect stickers and badges from your favourite artists
  70. Keep a jazz diary of one gig per week for a year
  71. Check out a Screensaverlive, Sinema City or New River Studios production at a warehouse party
  72. Flick through jazz vinyl in a record shop
  73. Marvel at 1000 saxophones at Sax.co.uk in London
  74. Wear a jazz flat cap or waistcoat
  75. Buy a T-shirt from a venue
  76. Check out "Down With Jazz" in Dublin
  77. Find an old jazzer in a flea market
  78. Read reviews of Brit jazz at South By SouthWest 2017
  79. Attend an after hours jam session
  80. Dance at The Blues Kitchen
  81. Make your own lethal jazz cocktail
  82. Buy some jazz headphones to hear the bass lines
  83. Rent Whiplash or La La Land on DVD
  84. Find a jazz documentary on Netflix
  85. Check out live gig footage on Band on the Wall’s YouTube channel
  86. Read some articles on Jazz Standard
  87. Sign up to a membership programme for Jazz UK
  88. Attend a Jazz Promotion Network conference
  89. Interview a jazz professor at Birmingham City University
  90. Check out rural touring schemes of jazz
  91. Become a friend or patron of a volunteer jazz club
  92. Pick a blues or jazz classic at a karaoke bar
  93. Improvise a beat to your favourite song
  94. Improvise a conversation of nonsense
  95. Tap along to the drummer on your steering wheel
  96. Try and sing along to a jazz solo
  97. Head for a weekend break to a Scottish Jazz Festival
  98. Get freaky with a modern promotion from Baba Jaga’s Hutt
  99. Do Jazzercise
  100. Celebrate with us!