#jazzvirgins Ticketing Scheme

We will be piloting a ticket scheme enabling people who have never been to a jazz gig before to try one for the first time.

An education programme for schools

Our education programme will be a pilot scheme aimed at primary schools, reflecting on the history of jazz through the vibrant music of today.

Free training for musicians and industry professionals

Free seminars on marketing strategy and audience development will be offered to build sector capacity and offer networking opportunities.

An exciting digital programme

The team are about to start collating 100 short video messages from jazz musicians, journalists, industry experts, celebrity jazz fans and other established luminaries that will be shared via the jazz100 hashtag throughout the year.

A comprehensive PR and marketing programme

With media partners across the UK and Ireland growing every day, #jazz100 is embracing niche jazz publications while expanding to mainstream journalism to reach the general public.

A #jazz100 presence across the UK and Ireland

We’ll be sharing our campaign logo and branded assets in the coming months to have themprominently displayed and promoted everywhere.

Over the course of 2017-2018, we hope to:

  • Celebrate the rich activity across the UK and Ireland, highlighting all forms of jazz and all scales of events
  • Change perceptions of jazz, showcasing the spontaneous, community-led, daring and experimental facets of the industr
  • Raise the profile of the UK and Irish jazz scene by engaging young and diverse audiences through comprehensive digital campaigns
  • Unite musicians, promoters, clubs, venues and festivals from across the industry under the ubiquitous branding of #jazz100


  • Post the #jazz100 logo on your website and link to the webpage
  • Sign up to partner with #jazz100 if you are a musician, promoter, club, festival or venue 
  • Use the #jazz100 hashtag in all of your social media posts, videos, photos and online media
  • Make new digital content like special video interviews, rehearsal videos/recordings, photo galleries with the hashtag label and publish them on social media
  • Commission special projects/musicians for #jazz100 themed activity across 2017 and 2018
  • Pass on these and other stories to #jazz100 HQ who will assist in promotion
  • Send information on audience growth and changing demographics to #jazz100 HQ

If you are a festival, promoter, jazz club, musician or member of the media, we would love to partner with you. See how you can contribute to #jazz100 below and email jazz100.team@gmail.com to find out more.


Major jazz festivals are invited to participate with large scale, free or special events. These already exist within programmes but will require physical branding (#jazz100 banners, blurb in programmes, posters/flyers), and digital/online marketing use of the hashtag. Promoters are also encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to curate or programme new commissions, products or collaborations under the name. In kind contributions towards the campaign may also be requested on an individual basis dependant on the scale of the festival e.g additional PR support.


All scales of jazz promotion will be engaged in all regions of the UK. Promoters are invited to use social media and online publicity with the hashtag, and add logos and branding to existing programmes, flyers and other printed materials. As a part of the nationwide PR campaign, free tickets are requested for #jazzvirgins, who can apply for tickets to their local jazz gig if they have never attended before.


Existing jazz media and other music media are invited to run coverage of different stages of the campaign, but are also encouraged to commission articles, previews and reviews of the special events at festivals, and utilise the hashtag in all digital and online content.


Musicians, jazz ‘celebs’ and practitioners of all ages, backgrounds and regions are invited to share 100 second videos of them performing, practicing, rehearsing or talking about the music they make with the hashtag label, either on Facebook, Instagram (10 second videos) or Twitter. These will be collated and shared through other partners’ sites, the #jazz100 webpage and media partners.