Whether you write for niche jazz media or a broader local, regional or national outlet, #jazz100 needs your help! Our project goals extend past existing jazz fans to encompass music and art lovers who might only know one strand of the diverse scene, audiences who have never yet before seen a jazz gig and even those who think that jazz isn't for them. We truly believe there is something in jazz for everyone, and we need support from members of the media to reach as far as possible across the UK and Ireland. Check out the short list below to see how you can help us out and reach out to us at if you need specific marketing materials. 

1. Hashtag your social media posts regarding British and Irish jazz #jazz100

2. Commission or write an article or interview highlighting the vibrancy of the UK-Irish jazz scene 

3. Whether your a niche jazz publication or local, regional or national press, cover an exciting local jazz gig

4. For our official press release, please email