We're asking key musicians and playmakers across the UK and Ireland to contribute to the campaign, pulling together players from all styles, ages, regions and backgrounds. For one strand of the project, we'd like to ask you to contribute to our Video Nomination Campaign.

To contribute, you can make a 100 second video:
1. Showcasing you or your ensemble’s latest sounds
2. Talking about a gig that inspired you, a jazz musician lighting up the UK/Irish scene, a favourite record, how you fell in love with jazz, or the like.
3. Playing a jazz cover of a popular trance theme, contemporary pop song, video game theme tune, or TV theme.

1. Record your 100 second video of choice

2. Upload it onto your social channels, tagged #jazz100

3. Nominate/tag 5 musicians to do the same

4. Check out and share their videos when they post them

5. Don’t forget to promote your video on your own social networks!